BH High Speed Series

Diproduksi oleh Borch Machinery Co., LTD (Borche) di Guangzhou, China
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BH Series Introduction


l  Patent design of toggle direct clamping: Toggle gets straight when mold closing, then clamping is done through pulling tie-bar by 4 booster cylinder on fixed platen.

l  Advantages: precise, clean, and efficient

l  Dry cycle: BH150-200:≤2.2s;BH260-320:≤2.7s;BH400-500:≤3.2s

l  Patent design of toggle direct clamping with hi-speed proportional valve for mold opening/closing, position difference of repeated molding opening less than 0.5mm

l  Patent single cylinder injection unit, more precise injection and faster response

l  Parallel plasticization during mold opening, thanks to duo servo motor system, shortens cycle time

l  Independent digital back pressure control

l  No oil contaminant on mold and parts outgoing area, suitable for clean production requirements

l  High power oil cooler controls the oil temperature

l  Special design of stationary and moving platen with high stiffness

l  No-contact transducer brings fast response and high precision and long life

l  Keba controller

l  Linear guide for platen moving, higher precision and faster response

l  Nano infrared heater band with low thermal inertia yields precise temperature control, higher efficiency of heating and transmission, saves energy of 20%-40%.

l  Theoretic injection speed: 200-300mm/s

l  Special barrel/screw for high plasticization

Optional Features :

  • Hybrid injection unit available, which can have parallel plasticization during mold opening/closing, and shorten the cycle time to increase efficiency
  • Plasticizing static mixer available, which can improve color mixing.
  • Parallel ejection during mold opening available