Low Speed Crusher

Diproduksi oleh Dongguan Xiaoma Precision Machinery Co., LTD di Dongguan, China
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XIAOMA production XMG low speed crusher series, model from XMG 180/120 to XMG 180/430, designed for crushing and recycling waste gate plastic molding process produces.
Need crushed material fed through the feed hopper, depending on the crushed material, there are several to choose from the feed hopper.

Depending on the use, XIAOMA low online crusher installed on optional ways have many options, you can choose with immediate recovery mode Feeding fan belt recovery system, you can also choose with a suction tank and bagging Interface in use, with a way to diversify the production of low-speed makes XIAOMA crusher series has a very wide range of uses, for customers to solve different online breaking program.

XMG low-speed shredder combines the advantages of the general common low-speed shredder, such as low noise, less dust than in its design as well as improved performance, such as specialized for crushing waste and gate design tools, rotor, quick disassemble the way, reflects the low speed crusher XIAOMA humane. The machine adopts gear transmission, increased torque, the machine can start at any time, even if there are broken material remaining in the crushing chamber, you can easily start the machine.

Unique tool design
Ladder-shaped rotor arranged in V-shaped, so that it can be caught in the shredding room central broken material, this feature prevents the material posted on the wall in shredding room, while greatly increasing the shredding chamber wall in processing of glass fiber reinforced plastic products and when the wear resistance. In addition, the ladder-shaped rotor blade design allows only one at any time during the cutting tool, thereby increasing the cutting torque.