Nitrogen Generator SNG 2

Diproduksi oleh BAUER COMPRESSORS di Germany
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The nitrogen generators in BAUER’s SNG II series are enclosed, integrated and modular complete systems for nitrogen supply comprising ROTORCOMP screw compressors, nitrogen membrane and BAUER piston compressor.

They are capable of generating pure nitrogen through a nitrogen membrane which provides the basis for high production volume and cost-effectiveness at low costs.

Complete nitrogen generator unit ready for operation, comprising:

Single-stage low-pressure screw compressor, air-cooled, oil-lubricated, suitable for continuous operation
High-pressure booster, multi-stage, air-cooled, pressure-oil-lubricated, suitable for continuous operation
Nitrogen membrane for the separation of oxygen and nitrogen
1 electric motor with V-belt drive, belt guard and belt tensioner
Automatic condensate drain with condensate vessel (incl. float switch)
Control with UL approval, with touch screen display for operation, maintenance and fault diagnostics
Control transformer with fuse protection
Single-point power supply
Online oxygen monitor
Monitoring of oil pressure and final pressure
Alarm indicator
Pressure gauge for pressure display
Noise insulation cladding for compressor and membrane